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The Drum People
Keith Little Badger builds all of his powwow drums from river recovered cedar.  No trees had to die.  Why kill a new tree when you can use recycled lumber?  Keith does not use old band drum hulls or plywood.  He builds vertical stave powwow drums.  Each drum comes to life in a good way, without damage to Mother Earth.  Each cedar powwow drum is a work of art.  The red of the cedar stands for the blood of the people.

Eight Pillars Project
The Eight Pillars Project is a program of Youthville, which is an organization dedicated to the mission of Giving Children Back Their Childhood.  Youthville is one of the largest, nonprofit agencies in the state of Kansas and consistently provides opportunities for abandoned, abused, and neglected children.

International Child Art Foundation
The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) intergrates arts education with science, sport and technology for the creative and emotional development of children in the United States and across the globe.  We prepare children for a creative and cooperative future, to enable them to lead us into a better world.

Natural Child Project
Our vision is a world in which all children and treated with dignity, respect, understanding and compassion.  In such a world, every child can grow to adulthood with a generous capacity to love and trust.  Our society has no more urgent task.

MOCHA Museum of Children's Art (Oakland, CA)
MOCHA is committed to ensuring the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children.

National Gallery of Art (Kids)
Interactive art you can make online.

Children's Art Project (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)
Our mission is to convey to the publich the compassionate, caring face of M.D. Anderson and to generate revenue to enhance patient services through the sale of products created with children's art.

Creative Art Space for Kids Foundation (CASK)
CASK seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self-esteem, develop a sense of self-importance and individuality, encourage self-expression and stimulate imagination in children through the arts.

The Worldwide Art Gallery (Australia)
The Worldwide Art Gallery aims:
through our gallery display to give Australian & International artists a forum to display their work worldwide
through our art education center to introduce visitors to creative techniques and offer them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of art
through our directory to link visitors to the best art resources on the web.

The San Francisco Children's Art Center
For more than two decades, the San Francisco Children's Art Center has nourished and inspired the creativity of Bay Area youth.  Our mission is to empower children and foster their sense of self through exploration of the artistic process.  In discovering this process, and the creative power within themselves, Children's Art Center students learn to view the world as a place filled with possibilities, one where they can shape and express their own vision.

The Children's Art Network (Staunton, Virginia)
The Children's Art Network is a nonprofit organization delivering engaging art experiences to children in the Shenandoah Valley region.  Children's Art Network was formed in 1993 by Brenda Papke to serve the children and educators of our area in Virginia.  Through the design and implementation of innovative, quality art programming, Children's Art Network makes signfiicant contributions to the education of our children.

The Children's Art Museum (Shelburne Falls, MA)
The purpose of the Children's Art Museum is to make art available to children through a unique community gallery and learning space.  By providing hands-on educational and multi-cultural experiences in the arts, we seek to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self esteem and a sense of individuality, and to courage self-expression and stimulate imagination.  We commit to using an "earthday everyday" approach, fostering ecological awareness by creating art from nature-based and recycled materials.  We welcome children of all backgrounds and experiences.

The Drum People

Powwow Drum

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Fundable Art CDC

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Fundable Art CDC

Fundable Art CDC

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